bought the first season of HEROES with a gift card i had yesterday. this show is crazy. im glad i got it. i only wish there were more than 14 episodes. im only on disc three, but im trying to spread it out as long as possible. if youve never seen the show i suggest you check it out, it does have a pretty heavy story though and youd be best to follow it from begining to end. Tim Sales the artist who provided the work throughout the show for a painter named isaac who can paint the future, and the work is amazing. he definatly has his own unique style, and HEROES must be the assignment of a lifetime. you can check out more tim sale work in books like, SUPERMAN FOR ALL SEASONS, BATMAN THE LONG HALLOWEEN, CATWOMAN WHEN IN ROME, and HULK GRAY. im gonna go watch another episode, work on my morning coffee buzz and prowl craigslist to look for a job, thanks for stopping in. the websites getting a decent amount of hits so far from 18 different united states, canada, and ireland. so thats awesome. -ben

December 30, 2007

its good to be

back in portland maine.
tomorrow is most likely my last day at my gift shop job, then ive really really got to find something. excited to eb abck at my desk, and be able to get abck to work on my book, NATHAN THE CAVEMAN. had a good time in nh, saw alot of people, missed my turtle barillo, but now im home, and the heat is turned up, and im gonna watch planes trains and automobiles.

December 28, 2007

still holding it down in henniker nh

saw aliens VS predator last night. it was emotional. as you would imagine, a real tear jerker, has some seriously intense story threads of, were enemys now we will work together later to fight a common foe and then the government will just blow the shit out of our whole town and the foreign chic from predator shows up at the end for some crazy conspiracy theory BS. it was awesome. it was awesome. some crazy deaths and fighting. definatly worth the time, maybe not the money, but i laughed. buy it used on dvd someday for 97 cents. until next time.

get to the choppah

December 26, 2007


hey its christmas. get offline......

December 25, 2007

back to the future

just uploaded a new drawing i did a week or so ago. its for my brother for christmas, did it in pencil and fiiiiirrrreeeee, haha. the car goes out hot, and comes back cold.

also struggling to find a job, pretty sick of doing the same crappy stuff, like coffee, and gift shops. looking for something more in my area of interest. trying to get my book finished so i can start looking for publishers. anyway. snow sucks. another parking ban tonight. yay.

December 20, 2007

nothing much

...new happening right now. there was a snowstorm, and my car, which was allready a piece of shit, is now a piece of shit covered in about an inch and a half of ice. the fixing of pages on my book seems like it will never be over, im going to have to realize that no matter what i will always look back at some and wish id done it differently. im sick of talking about it, ahah, i want it done, so people can read it!

its been a crazy year, just about from one end of the spectrum to the other in terms of good and awful. its been up and down... but after december, its a new year, and who knows what will happen. i have hopes obviously, but things dont really, if ever, go the way you would hope...at first they do.. but then things change.... while i wish that they never would change, there is one thing ive noticed... i always look back on everything and realize it wasnt really that big of a deal. again, who knows.... now that ive been completly vague and cryptic, haha. anyway. im gonna go watch some cartoons and wrap some gifts, and then hopefully get some drawing done.

"whose gonna drive you home?"

December 17, 2007


so i talked earlier about a time schedule for completing my book by the end of march, which included finishing off my post it noted pages all by december 15. well that is not going to happen, im very much behind, haha. damn. christmas gifting and stress has really just swallowed up all my time. i havent worked on it in a week or so, which is alot of pages. i should be able to start back up again soon, and hopefully do pretty well now that ive rested from it. i still would really like to get it done by the end of march so that i can submit for the xeric grant, and then possiblly premiere at a following comic convention and meet some publishers. wish me luck.

December 13, 2007

working on something sweeeet.

its a secret right now, because its for someone for christmas, but its one of the best things ive drawn. ill post it up in a couple of days when its fiiiinished... that is all.

December 09, 2007

so i did the math

and if i can continue at the average pace im fixing up pages now on my book nathan the caveman, i should be ready to start scanning by the end of december. then its digital inking, and lettering, and then formating to be printed. im gonna do a short run of 10 books that i will send out to publishers. i think from www.lulu.com they have a pretty sweet thing going, where i initially print through them and then people can order straight from their site and they handle the printing and shipping, pretty cool. hopefully its all said and ready to go for the end of march, because i plan to apply for the xeric grant, www.xeric.com . a no strings attached self publishing grant that is looked very highly upon and will prolly help me get under a publisher if that doesnt happen to begin with. who knows. done by march seems a little crazy, but thats what im going for.

back to work.

December 03, 2007

its all in the reflexes

had a wonderful day.

well, the voting is done over at threadless, leaving me with a measly 1.68 out of 5, i think people must juust buzz right through the designs hitting 1 repeatedlly or something. those buttmunches. i havent exactly lost though i dont know yet, i think they will email me either way. i was goign through some of the winners, and some of them had 2.00 out of 5, so who knows. anyway thanks for voting if you did. maybe next time. looks like i should go get a job now. but first, shishkabubs and a movie, ill be sleeping on the couch again tonight.

December 02, 2007


please help me out, and go over to threadless and vote for my shirt if you havent allready. if so, tell your friends that may not have... if it wins i can go a little bit longer without working! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ thanks!


November 30, 2007

have you been here before? oh, well the menu has changed.

i dont know.
so i was just looking around my house and had some things you should check out .
#1- BLANKETS by craig thompson, a 600 page graphic novel, about first loves, religion and growing up. winner of many awards. highly recomended. also check out his first book while youre at it, GOODBYE CHUNKY RICE.

#2- PULP HOPE. have you heard of Paul Pope? well you should have, his stuff is great, i first got into him on BATMAN YEAR 100, a book he did for DC a while back. he has a really grungy style with crazy colors and very loose brush strokes, awesome. PULP HOPE is a big big book compiling his art work and some over the top "philosphy" that he feels he has the ability to spew.... but hey, i bought it.

#3- PROCESS RECESS, another artist compilation book this time by james jean. amazing paintings, mostly digital, but some crazy stuff. most known for his cover work on FABLES. right now hes doing alot of artwork for the my chemical romance comic, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY. really great stuff. not my chemical romance....

#4- listen to JIMMY EAT WORLD. its all good.

thats it. not that you should read what i read. but just incase youre looking for ideas... see ya!

November 29, 2007

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