my alarm didnt go off! ah, well its my own fault, im an idiot, and set it for AM. like most people set their alarms...

ive been on this weird sleep pattern thats not too awful.... actually, its kind of ridiculous. i go to work, (today for example) from 9 am to 6, and then come home sleep 2 or 3 hours, then have my ALARM wake me up, and work on my book all through the night, go to bed at around 5, or so, and the do it all again. its weird, but power naps are just that, it feels fresh on the brain, and there are alot less distractions during the night. this book has changed alot for me, relationships, jobs, my heart (thannks coffee) my back, why not sleep right.... i enjoy the process, and i feel like im finishing up something really big thats going to really change things for the better in my life.
the xeric grant is march 31, and this thing WILL be done. it has to be. i need it.
i have only 26 more pages to ink, out of 273, and then the lettering process begins.
preorders are soon.

listening to: model15, emily, smashing pumpkins

February 21, 2008

my (re)emergency

my (re)emergency
so i recently got back out into the "real world" again, after my shut in, kind of hermit lifestyle ive been rocking since around november of 07, when i finished up at my seasonal summer job down at portland lobster company. since when i had decided it was really time to begin getting very serious about wrapping up my graphic novel, NATHAN THE CAVEMAN. i got used to the life of living pretty freakin' cheap and not really talking that much, because i would be at home, alone working on it, for around an average of 14 hours a day. luckily i started to run out of money just before i started to become officially insane and talk to myself, and just kind of be one of those funny weird guys with long hair big beards, and a weakness to sunlight, and calendar dates. so anyway, im back out there, back in farmiliar territory, pouring coffee on exchange st. and really TALKING to people again. and im REALLY into it. meeting people is great, and getting back in touch with people who id seen daily for years and heard i was now some famous artist making it big time, or moved to gemany to pursue some foreign love, or getting to come back from the dead and talk with those people who really thought the worst had happened. its only been seven months. haha, ive only been about 6 blocks away. but its nice to reemerge and get paid at the same time.
working a 9-6 hourly job definatly has taken a toll on speedily finishing this book though, so im trying my best to cram in as many pages a day as i can in between counting sheep and going out with friends. so its slowing, which is not good, but inevitable. still sending away for the XERIC grant in march (www.xericfoundation.org) no matter what state this thing is in, the book is being sent as a work in progress, and i hope i still stand a chance of landing the grant. and its still being printed in april, so stay excited about that, i am.
freelance and the occasional commision or side projects are really starting to pick up as well, which is really nice and exciting, ive got some GREAT things coming up, which i wont talk about to much right now, before i jynx myself, but im happy to finally be getting noticed, and finding work as an artist, even thought its minimal for now, its begining to snowball. and i think its mostly due to the website here, and the rumors of my departure to artistic fame since i went into hiding. so that is awesome.
well thats enough jibber and jabber for now, i should be inking this thing. so thanks for coming by, and feel free to email me if youve got any need for my work on any project, or just to say hi.
-ben bishop [email protected]

February 19, 2008


gambits done, done in watercolors and ink on bristol, a good character assignment.


if youve got someone youd like me to draw for you, email me at [email protected]

February 15, 2008

the amazing adventures of kavalier and clay

"we have the idea that our hearts, once broken, scar over with an indestructible tissue that prevents their ever breaking again in quite the same place."

---underlined in red colored pencil by...?---

February 15, 2008

will is hard

at work on this site.
he is oz, behind the curtain.
he is the battery in your hearing aid.
he is the spark in every autobot.
he is the "e" in ebay.
he is the honor roll report card on your fridge.
he is the guy who dips the ends of your shoelaces in hot plastic so they dont unravel, and are easier to lace through the holes in your shoe, which he is also responsible for.
he is a minority.
but he is a person....
his name is william donahoe....

he makes my website.

February 11, 2008

an industry of cool.

"...Women will always be a problem for guys like us, most of the great art in the world is about that very problem. Good-looking people have no spine!
Their art never lasts! They get the girls, but we're smarter.---Great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex, and sex disguised as love... ---The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with someone else when we're uncool."

---uploaded another piece, http://bishart.net/image.php?id=79
a somewhat older one i made using pen and ink, its not the best version of it because it is photographed and not scanned, but i tried to clean it up the best i could. i hope you like it. . .
"but its really just about you and me... and all we were ever really reaching out for was eachother."

February 10, 2008


should i try it....?

February 09, 2008

I have no idea if this will work.

It's Will again. As you may have noticed, Ben has added a lot of images lately. That's awesome, but I'm not sure if it's going to work. I didn't really test the code for the thumbnails thingy to the right to see if you would actually be able to navigate more than 30 thumbnails. We'll see the next time Ben uploads an image.

In other news, I'll be adding a next button soon so that you can navigate the hi-res versions easily without going back to the main page. all this in an attempt to make your life better. //william

February 09, 2008

attack all mutants

new painting up, an XMEN sentinel... its most likely going to be the background for another piece im working on. but i couldnt wait to get it online. so there it is!

its done in watercolor, and enhanced in photoshop.

February 08, 2008

portland maine

...gotta love it.
so yesterday was a really really productive day, i worked on the book, digitally inking 10 pages and then continued to work on the gambit commision, which is coming along great. everything was good until about 1:30 am when i looked out the window for the first time that day and realized it had been snowing, and snow in portland means you cant park ANYWHERE. so, sadly, but unsuprisingly my car got towed around 10pm yesterday, and i have to go picked it up today, which is going to cost me more than double what i got for the gambit piece.... awesommmmmeeeee.

i should leave the house more.

February 08, 2008

new old one

just posted up page 140 all digitally inked. check it out, first thumbnail.

February 07, 2008

NATHAN THE CAVEMAN - i can almost see it....

the light, at the end of the tunnel.

i did some counting last night. i have 75 more pages to digitally ink, which isnt that bad at all. i recounted all the pages of my book as well, and through the editing process its been reduced from 276 to 273, but its still huge, those were just 3 DUMB pages i guess. obsolete!

so 75 pages, if i do 9 a day...(foghorn) ill be done the inking by next saturday. lets hope for that. i still have to letter the entire thing, and paint the cover. but lets not think about that yet. it MUST be sent to XERIC ( www.xericfoundation.com ) by march 31...i can do that. i have to. they DO accept works in progress, but i dont want to do that. i want them to have the whole thing.

-also the plan is to start preorders around march 5th or so, and shipped in early april, so keep checking in, to be one of the first owners of this thing. the way it will work is ill send them out to you personally signed and with a sketch somewhere on the inside cover. maybe some other fun stuff, haha. we will see... anyway, back to work. 9 pages a day. 9 pages a day.

watch ben10.
listen to mayday parade.
eat cliff bars
drink less coffee
hunt and kill william donahoe

February 07, 2008

Something Like Falling Preview PDF Nathan the Caveman Leave a Comment