new artwork

stayed up late tonight working on a fun piece for the childrens book people, it has come in many different colors, but even though i painted the whole thing with lots of vibrant fun colors, i thought the darker style with stand out red hair looked the best, at least for the site. so, had a little fun. first thumbnail, little maria and grand chancellor birdsworth. weird. maria likes birds.

March 18, 2008


the 6 copies for the grant, and one for me, have just been successfully ordered! heres to hoping it all comes out as it should. excited.

March 18, 2008

"you said amazing twice..." i know.

and the lettering for nathan the caveman is officially complete. these past four years have been intense, this book has really taken every part of me to complete, i cant believe it is really done, its sad really, but at the same time im ready to start on some other exciting projects.... not 300 page long projects, but very cool stuff...
since preorders went up four days ago, i have had a smile on my face, its so great to feel so appreciated, and that so many people are interested in what ive been working so hard on, it means alot.... alot. the site hits are at a record high, the trailer for my book on youtube has over 200 plays, and everything is just really working out, and taking off like i hoped it would, im working on putting all the grant stuff together, and even talking to people about getting the book distibuted all around the u.s.a. its amazing, and thank you. will, pat, mark (both of you) nathan, jarrod, gretchen, chris, lillian, brittany, rania, alison, drew, brenna, kim, eroica, mackenzie, deray, zach, aimee, and everyone else who plans to preorder, thank you so much. youre amazing.

March 16, 2008

He's sort of a big deal... in our hearts.

Hello, it's Will the webmaster... Check out Ben's public profile and become his fan.. on facebook! It's your one stop shop for the latest updates and where you can leave nice wall posts so everyone in the world can know what an incredible artist Ben is.


March 14, 2008

thank you thank you

the preorders are truly amazing, and thank you all for the kind words, i cant wait until you all actually read it and tell me what you think. if anyone is having trouble with paypal, but would like to order, PLEASE dont give up, email me at [email protected] and we can figure something out. these preorders will be the first batch of book printed the first week of april, and i want everyone to get the chance to get one. (im gonna get that giant box in the mail, and dump them all over my living room floor and roll around in them for two hours, is that ok with everyone?) ok.

as for me, im working really really hard on getting everything with the book all set up for the XERIC GRANT deadline. so i JUST woke up from my 4 hour night, and have started my friday, haha..... its ok though, i have coffee, candy, and a new cd from my friends OUR LAST NIGHT who got signed to epitath and JUST released their AMAZING first label release called, the ghosts among us. check them out at www.myspace.com/ourlastnight . wish me luck on the grant, and preorder/tell your friends if you haven't allready! www.bishart.net/nate . and again.... thank you so much.

March 13, 2008

the preorders are going great!

i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has preordered their books from me, im really excited to share it finally. will and i have also uploaded new AIM icons and desktop wallpapers in the MEDIA section of the nate site, so you can pimp your computer out. haha, anyway, thank you, and tell your friends! www.bishart.net/nate

March 12, 2008


my graphic novel NATHAN THE CAVEMAN is now up, and LIVE for preorder! check out the link top right of this page and head on over to be one of the first!
a little early, but will (brilliant web designer) and i just couldnt wait!

March 11, 2008

so wait until you see what we have in store for YOU.

NATHAN THE CAVEMAN goes on sale for preorders THIS WEDNESDAY. just come here and look for the NEW NATHAN site to order yours, which will ship immediatly following the weekend of APRIL 18-20 at the NY COMIC CON.
but be sure to PREORDER so you can have one of the very FIRST books, which will include signature, sketches, and original artwork from the creation of the book itself. thank you very much, im excited for this week. THE TIME IS NOW.

March 09, 2008


my book NATHAN THE CAVEMAN will be available for preorder THIS WEEK! keep checking in for more details, tell your friends!

March 08, 2008


is the operative word.
sorry i haven't been bloggin up a storm lately. ive been real busy with this whole 300 page graphic novel thing, i know, its lame, but what're you gonna do.... so im lettering now. the inking is done, and im lettering as fast as possible to get this XERIC grant copy together for the deadline (march 31).
lettering sucks, but at teh same time is really gratifying everytime you finish a page, because youre looking at the FINAL product, and its the first time even I have seen it, so its kind of exciting... and its not taking too too long, ive been lettering for about 3 days,and im starting onto chapter 4 today, of eleven. so a chapter a day? not too bad, plus, as the story progress' the chapters get shorter, so i just gotta get past these first few.
im using ADOBE INDESIGN to do all the lettering, hand drawing my own balloons and tails on my tablet, and then using my own handwriting BISHART font. im VERY happy with the way it looks. i was initially going to use this program i purchased from APPLE called COMICLIFE, a typical MAC program that makes things more difficult by trying to make them easier for the lame brain average joe (or jane). so i cut my losses, and abandoned that program, it was driving me absolutly nuts, i highly DONT recomend it, when i have time, ill post up a short tutorial on how you can use INDESIGN for all your lettering needs. i actually think, in the future im just going to do it all right from the start by hand on paper, but for now, INDESIGN.

"wow" - you'll see.

March 05, 2008

another day of hard work


February 27, 2008

the inking

is finished.

February 26, 2008

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